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Eating backyard eggs is the best.
Cleaning backyard eggs is the worst.
We invented the solution.

Eating backyard eggs is the best.
Cleaning backyard eggs is the worst.
We invented the solution.

Deliberate design.

50+ prototypes led us to create the most considered brush for eggs ever conceived. Comes in two sizes for S-M eggs and M-L eggs.

More fun, less work.

The whole family will want in on the “chores” with GoodEgg. Cleaning filthy eggs is super fast and super fun. 

It's just so simple.

Pump a bit of our foaming enzyme cleanser into your GoodEgg, insert a dirty egg, twist a few times, and rinse.

Strength in numbers.

Our patent-pending design uses 762 little nubs (of varying flexibility) to effectively remove debris and contaminants.

It's all about the enzymes baby.

You will be amazed at how fast stuck-on debris and contaminants dissolve and practically melt off your eggs with our all-natural enzyme cleanser. Magic!

No one had ever made a flexible silicone brush, purpose-built for eggs, that is dishwasher safe, with 762 scrubbing nubs, and effective squeegee-like edges, with easy drainage, and hygenic drying... so we did. We know you’ll love it.

Our story

Hi 👋 we’re the Van Leuvens! Bryce and I both grew up in small towns in Northern California and now call Utah home. We’ve always had a passion for living a simple, self-reliant life. I’ve been raising and working with horses my whole life and now we love learning to grow and raise our own food — including backyard chicken and duck eggs.

But as my fellow homesteaders know… cleaning the eggs can be a total pain! They’re often caked with mud, feathers, poop, or all three! So we did what any modern homesteader would do… we went online to buy a purpose-built egg brush. But nope, no egg brush. We couldn’t find anything actually designed for eggs, so we got to work designing one

We brainstormed, we sketched, we worked with some industrial designers. We probably made 50 different prototypes. Then…finally! We had it! A perfect little flexible silicone brush that cleans eggs QUICK and easy!

We filed a patent and named it GoodEgg™

We were getting ready to launch our new family business when life threw us a curveball.

While pregnant with our second daughter I was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer. We put launching GoodEgg on hold and focused on my pregnancy and my healing. Five months later our little Wren was born healthy and I’m well on my way to a full recovery! ☺️ 

We’re focused again on launching GoodEgg 🥚✨

Also, my cancer journey really opened my eyes to how little is available to help people with the everyday struggles they go through while in treatment. So we’ve started a foundation called GoodEgg Gives and are 100% committed to donating 10% of our profits directly to helping the people and families affected by cancer.

We’re launching GoodEgg on Kickstarter in May. We hope to help tens of thousands of “yolk folk” realize just how easy cleaning eggs should be.

We hope you’ll subscribe to our email and texting list and stay in touch on our launch.

Maybe you can tell your friends too! 🙏 You're the best.

We’re so excited to get GoodEgg into your life!

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